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Euonymus japonicus bravo (CELASTRACEAE)

spindle Bravo

spindle Bravospindle Bravospindle Bravo

Sipariş Formu

  1. Container
  2. Rootball
Case Length (cm), Diameter (Qcm) Piece #
Container 20-40cm
Container 40-60cm
Case Length (cm), Diameter (Qcm) Piece #
Rootball 20-40cm
Rootball 40-60cm
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They grow up to 8 m especially in China, Korea and Japan. There are evergreen and deciduous species. Dark, thick bark may reach 3 cm diameter. Twigs are reddish brown and covered by dense small crusts. The flowers bloom singly or in pairs on the branches of deciduous species in June and in November on evergreen species. They are fragrant, four-lobed calyx, yellowish or whitish. The fruits are ovate or round with hard pits. They can be cultivated even in the most infertile soils due to nitrogen storage characteristics in the roots. Moreover, they can be used for combating soil erosion because they are resistant to drought.    

Euonymus, japonicus, bravo, spindle, Бересклет японский Браво, gümüşi, taflan, مضاض, nerede yetişir,

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