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Butia (cocos) capitata (ARECACEAE)

Pindo Palm, Wine Palm, Jelly Palm

Pindo Palm, Wine Palm, Jelly PalmPindo Palm, Wine Palm, Jelly Palm

Sipariş Formu

  1. Container
  2. Rootball
Case Length (cm), Diameter (Qcm) Piece #
Container 100-125cm
Container 125-150cm
Container 150-175cm
Case Length (cm), Diameter (Qcm) Piece #
Rootball 100-125cm
Rootball 125-150cm
Rootball 150-175cm
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Butia is one of palm variety native in Argentine, Brasil and Uruguay. May grow 6 m. high but grows slowly. It can resist until -10° C temperature. Ripe fruits are edible, big and yellow coloured.

Butia, cocos, capitata, Бутия головчатая, Pindo, Wine, Jelly, Palm, Butia Pindo, Şarap, Jöleli, Palmiye, بوتية, bitki satışı, nerede yetişir

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