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Laurus nobilis (LAURACEAE)

Bay Laurel, Bay Tree, Sweet Bay, Bay Leaf, Bayleaf

Laurus nobilis (LAURACEAE)
Laurus nobilis (LAURACEAE)

Sipariş Formu

  1. Container
  2. Rootball
Case Length (cm), Diameter (Qcm) Piece #
Container Q12-14cm
Container Q14-16cm
Container Q16-18cm
Container Q18-20cm
Container Q20-25cm
Case Length (cm), Diameter (Qcm) Piece #
Rootball Q12-14cm
Rootball Q14-16cm
Rootball Q16-18cm
Rootball Q18-20cm
Rootball Q20-25cm
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Laurus is a genus of evergreen trees and shrubs with dense shoots, native to Mediterranean basin and Turkey, growing up to 18 m. It produces small yellowish flowers. The leaves are fragrant. There is no vertical split on the bark. The fruits are source of nutrition for birds. Shade or light shade is preferred. It has a very dense stem and appearance and is also a very good hedge plant

Laurus, nobilis, tige, Tree, Лавр благородный, Sweet, Bayleaf, Defne, Akdeniz, defnesi, tij, formlu, غار, bitki satışı, nerede yetişir, fidan satışı, ağaç satışı, türkiye, süs bitkileri

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