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Alocasia macrorrhizos (ARACEAE)

Alocasia Species, Upright Elephant Ear, Elephant's Ear, Giant Taro, Wild Taro

Alocasia macrorrhizos (ARACEAE)
Alocasia macrorrhizos (ARACEAE)

Sipariş Formu

  1. Container
  2. Rootball
Case Length (cm), Diameter (Qcm) Piece #
Container 20-40cm
Container 40-60cm
Container 60-80cm
Container 80-100cm
Case Length (cm), Diameter (Qcm) Piece #
Rootball 20-40cm
Rootball 40-60cm
Rootball 60-80cm
Rootball 80-100cm
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Alocasia species are beautiful, magnificant plants having white stripts on their green leaves. They are native in South-East Asia. Leaves like full sun. They are very sensitive and affected by severe air circulation, cold and frost. So they must keept from cold in winter time and are watered less. They grows slowly and can be reproduced by rhizomes.

Alocasia, macrorrhizos, Species, Upright, Алоказия крупнокорневищная, Elephant, Elephant's, Ear, Giant, Wild, Taro, Dik, Fil, Filin, Kulağı, Dev Taro, Vahşi Taro, Buda’nın, eli, hibrit, filkulağı, الوكاسيا ودن الفيل, bitki satışı, nerede yetişir

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