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Malus royal beauty pendula (ROSACEAE)

apple Royal Beauty tige pendula

apple Royal Beautyapple Royal Beautyapple Royal Beauty
apple Royal Beautyapple Royal Beautyapple Royal Beautyapple Royal Beautyapple Royal Beautyapple Royal Beauty

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  1. Container
  2. Rootball
Case Length (cm), Diameter (Qcm) Piece #
Container Q16-18cm
Container Q18-20cm
Container Q20-25cm
Case Length (cm), Diameter (Qcm) Piece #
Rootball Q16-18cm
Rootball Q18-20cm
Rootball Q20-25cm
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Malus is a genus of about 35 species of deciduous shrubs or trees, native to Europe, Asia and North America besides temperate regions of northern hemisphere, growing up to 12 m. Showy flowers bloom prior to foliation in spring. The color of leaves turns to red in autumn. After flowering, fruits with vivid colors are produced. Malus prefers deep, humid, pervious and fertile soils. Fruitless species may be planted along the gardens or avenues while fructiferous trees can be used in orchards. They are used as ornamental plants in parks and gardens.

Malus, royal, beauty, tige, pendula, Яблоня Роял Бьюти, apple, Pembe, çiçekli, ters, aşılı, Sarkık, formlu, ağlayan, kraliyet, güzelliği, تفاح كثير الأزهار, bitki satışı, nerede yetişir

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